Sikora Creations Inc. teamed up with Rampart Supply for their first ever Showroom Design Challenge! As part of the winning team (Team 2), Sikora Creations Inc. built them a stunning custom sink out of Ponderosa Pine salvaged from the Waldo Canyon Fire.

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 Sangre De Cristo Arts Center Exhibits Sikora Creations Art Pieces 

“Making Time” by Andy Sikora

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What is Universal Design?

Universal Design means creating a stylish space that everyone can live in.  The idea is to design a home that fits everyone’s needs regardless of age, size, or ability.  With age our ability and agility changes and often we find our home no longer suits our needs.  In the past this meant making changes that did not flow with the current design and stuck out as sterile and obvious.  Today, Universal Design means beauty and style is no longer compromised for comfort.  In fact, one would not realize they are in a home with Universal Design features unless they were pointed out to them.

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 Spruce-Up Existing Concrete With a Stampable Overlay

Stamped concrete overlay has become a popular alternative for many home-owners because it creates the same beauty and texture of natural stone or slate without having to replace existing concrete.  A stamped overlay can recreate the look of natural stone, brick, slate, and even wood both inside and outside your home.  

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An important mission at Sikora Creations, Inc. is to re-use and recycle materials as much as possible.  When one of our clients was looking for a mantle with some history, our craftsman Andy Sikora, who is REGREEN certified and a member of the Green Building Council, found a beam from an old country barn in Pennsylvania (pictured above). This beam, he repurposed to become a hand-shaped mantle in their Colorado home.

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